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What Are My Options As A Doctor For A Loan

What is a medico package? Wondering what your options are for home loans for doctors? If you are in the medical profession in Australia, options exist that could help you secure the loan you want for significantly less than you would pay otherwise. Whether you hope to buy your first home or refinance your existing home, it’s essential to know each one of your options.

Why do lenders want to lend to you?

As a medical professional, the typical mortgage for doctors will cost you less than the same loan would cost another person. The reason is quite simple. Your career is in demand. More so, those who work as medical professionals earn a substantial living. They tend to be very responsible borrowers and pay back debts on time. Low risk and high income leads to opportunities from bank lenders. All of these factors help to contribute to just how “safe” you are as a borrower. As a result, lenders are willing to offer low interest rates and easier terms to secure the loans you need.

This doesn’t just go for mortgages. Other than home loans, medical professionals may be able to obtain loans for vehicles, equipment for opening your practice, or even for that luxury boat you hope to purchase. It’s important to consider which loans are best for your unique situation.

What Type of Loans for Doctors Is Available to You?

Take a closer look at some of the types of loans available to doctors. Which one of these can open a new door for you and your life?

Capital Equipment Loans

Doctors can often secure financing for medical equipment. Since this is the largest type of non-property expense that most doctors face when setting up their practice, it may require a bit of financial help. There’s a strong belief that, when your practice can invest in high quality equipment, it’s likely to help support the success of your practice. With medical practice loans, you can:

  • Borrow 100 per cent of the cost to your practice
  • Borrow without the need for further financial security
  • Secure a low costing loan, generally with a low interest rate

This may include most types of equipment including diagnostics, medical monitoring devices, lab equipment, medical software, and office, surgery, or clinic fit-outs.

Home Loans

Mortgage for doctors are available in several forms. They differ from traditional home loans in several ways:

  • Generally, you can borrow more. The maximum amount you can borrow will be higher than what is offered to those not in the medical field. Some lenders offer as much as $4.5 million for properties (including first homes and investment properties).
  • Discounts, including lower interest rates, tend to be available. Discounts including an interest rate reduction, lenders mortgage insurance waiver, or others may be available to you, saving potentially thousands of dollars.

Most types of doctors are eligible for this type of loan or medico package discount. This may include interns, registrars, residents, and specialists as well. These discounts may not be available to medical research scientists, psychologists, or naturopaths due to limited income potential in these fields. Additionally, you must be a member of one of the many professional organizations recognized in the field.

Investment Loans

Doctors in Australia can obtain investment loans for a variety of needs. This includes both the investment in non-property as well as in real estate. As noted, home loans for doctors are very affordable. Construction loans for doctors are as well. Build your new practice building or space. Or, build a custom home for yourself. Like home loans, these come with a number of advantages for doctors including low rates, flexible terms, and outstanding access.

Residential property investment loans for doctors in Australia tend to offer key opportunities:

  • Secure the loan you need to build or buy faster than typical loans.
  • Obtain more financing than typical borrowers.
  • Construction loans, which are typically difficult for average buyers to obtain, are available to doctors with high incomes.

Car Loan

Like most other investment options, car loans are available to doctors as well. Buying a car privately is one of the best routes for most investors to take. However, other options exist. Low doc car loans are available for those that operate their own practice. You may also wish to enter into a lease agreement.

These bank loans for doctors offer lower interest rates and easy qualification terms. It’s important for you to work with a lender that understands your profession to ensure you can secure the amount of financing you need to by the vehicle you desire.

Other Asset Loans

Are you looking for a boat loan or bike loan? In nearly all cases, doctors can qualify for these types of investment purchases without complex paperwork or a long process. As a medical professional, you can expect these loans to offer key advantages, again, such as:

  • Easier income requirements for qualification (there’s less work to prove your income)
  • Higher borrowing limits. Purchase that yacht you desire.
  • Low interest rates and easy repayment terms.

No matter the investment you make in an asset-based loan like these, as a medical professional, you’ll save money with a specific loan meant for your individual needs.

Refinancing Current Loans

Doctors are a preferred profession, meaning that it’s possible to secure a new loan to replace nearly any type of existing loan. These refinanced loans are less expensive than what you may have paid previously.

Borrowers are able to select between waived lenders mortgage insurance and discounted interest rates for these new loans. The potential here is to save thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the loan. In some cases, doctors entered into traditional loans with builders and developers, which are considered high risk buyers. However, you can now refinance those high interest rate loans into much more affordable options.

Work closely with your lenders to determine the most affordable method to refinancing. You’ll want to carefully estimate the cost of refinancing your home and what you will save. Most doctors can secure low rate loans that make refinancing financially worthwhile.

Medico Packages Offer Key Benefits to Doctors

What can medico packages do for you? If you are a doctor (and meet the requirements of being one) you can work to improve your financial wellbeing with the right loans. Medico packages offer a number of benefits and allow borrowers to purchase what they need when they need it. As a high income earner, you may automatically qualify for these benefits. Use these loans to purchase a new home, vehicle, boat, or even the equipment to set up and establish your new practice.

When you choose these loans for doctors, you gain considerable opportunities not available through traditional loans. This includes:

  • Personal service available to you from a specialist lender. This ensures you are presented with every option available to you for borrowing to make purchases that fit your needs.
  • Convenience – you do not have to worry about negotiations or complex processes that take up too much of your time. The home loan for doctors process is streamlined and fast.
  • Secure maximum savings with you work with the right lenders.

For those considering the investment in a home or for their practice, medico packages are ideal. Talk to your lender today to learn more about how they can make building your practice and life far easier than you thought possible.

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